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  • Save 30% or more on every material purchase
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Interstate Advanced Materials Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing on material purchases

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"Joining Interstate Advanced Materials was easily the best business decision I've made ... Interstate Advanced Materials has taken the weight of rising material costs off of my business and my budget can finally breath again." —Joeseph T.

"Saving money upfront on the raw materials my business depends on allowed me to hire more machinists to help manage the workload, and business is picking back up." —Cheryl R.

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"If we have questions on anything at all - shipping, terms, material certs, even potential lines of business credit - our dedicated material expert is always willing to go the extra mile to get us what we need." —Ray D.

Membership Tiers

Business Tier:
  • 10% Discounted Pricing
  • 10% Discounted Shipping
  • Free order insurance & protection
  • Generate and manage P/Os online
Wholesale Tier:
  • 20% Discounted Pricing
  • 20% Discounted Shipping
  • Generate & manage P/Os online
  • Free order insurance & protection
Enterprise Tier:
  • 30% Discounted Pricing/Shipping
  • Pick 10 Extra-Discounted Items
  • Advanced Payment Gateway
  • All lower tier benefits and more!

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